You work hard. You need support.

We know that consideration for each one of our customers matters. Each day we work to live up to your expectations.

eSoftware Solutions

Support Standards of Care

We want our customer to feel valued and appreciated.
In each and every interaction, your concerns matter to us because you matter to us.

We care about your problem.
We understand your challenges and how frustrating things can get. We want to make sure that you get the answers you need and quickly

Making you happy means everything.
Our goal is to serve our customers in a way that they love our software and the support we provide so much that they tell others.

Fan, Zealot, Enthusiast

Our customers are our biggest fans.
We hope that one of the reasons you will choose a company for your software needs
is because of the customer support component.
Consideration of your initial, transitional and ongoing support needs matters. It matters a lot to us.


You bought the software and we set into the training mode. Training in groups, one-on-one, or online over time, we are eager to spend time with you.


Installing software and hitting GO shouldn’t be scary. We are with you through your transition into the new software. Hand-holding is something in which we excel.


Staff turns over, business processes are altered and things can go wrong or seem confusing. No worries. Call, email – let’s chat and get you fixed up in no time.



eSUPPORT hours are Monday through Friday and 24/7/365 for critical issues

Monday through Friday our hours are 7 AM CT to 6 PM CT

We offer after-hours support round-the-clock for a fee.

When emailing support, we ask that you enter your company name in the subject line along with a brief description of your request in order for us to serve you better. Please provide as much detail as possible in the body of the email.

844.376.3848 l 601.919.2275

When calling by phone, if a support professional cannot take your call immediately, please leave a message stating your name, your company’s name, and a phone number where you can be reached. We will be back to you as quickly as possible. Don’t worry that we aren’t getting messages because we check every message from you continuously and want to assist you. We care about your issue and will get back to you quickly.

844.376.3848 l 601.919.2275 OPTION 9

If you need assistance after normal business hours, call us.
After hours support is billable at a rate of $125 per hour with a 15 minute minimum.

“Everybody gets a smile over the phone. You can even read a smile in an email. In our customer’s head we want them to hear our consideration for them as we help them by solving a problem.”

-  Amy Hervey, Director, Customer Support

Monthly Software Updates and Our Promise

Each month we send out eTECHNICAL UPDATES on improvements and changes made to the software.

When suggestions and requests come in that improve the software and can benefit all users, these changes are implemented at no additional fee to all of our users.

At eSoftware Solutions, we help customers courteously and quickly using real-time data.
That is our practice and our promise to you.



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Customer Satisfaction = A Happy Customer

Your perspective is valued and appreciated. We like to check in. We like to hear from you.

And, because of that, you will see satisfaction surveys pop up in your inbox during the year. Or, you may get a call or a visit from us just to check in with you. Think of it as another way we want you to get the most out of your software.