Tellers in Stores: eCash Built-In Functionality 

Cash Advance Teller View: Store Level

Simply the most comprehensive payday advance software solutions. eCash offers 100% automated interfaces to top industry vendors as well as internal collection capabilities that can dramatically increase your bottom line. Our simplicity and ease of use at the branch level allows full use of the eCash features, while robust functionality at the corporate level ensures management is always in tune with the pulse of the operation. Our experience in every payday lending state assures flexibility and features you need are already available and not stuck on a software wish list. Servicing customers with hundreds of locations as well as those with just a few. We offer scalability regardless of the size of your organization.

Tellers & Managers will get up-to-date real-time loan information and statistics from the payday home screen, showing important indicators like current and delinquent cash advance transactions.

eCash’s automated collection process will manage your calls, your promise to pays and your scheduled meetings. The action items and appointments are color-coded to help prompt urgency for your past due payday loans.

Cash Advance Software Main Screen

Cash Advance Teller View: History Screen

The History screen will give your tellers access to prior and current loans. In a matter of seconds, you can see if your clients have been late on previous cash advances and if so how many days.

Cash Advance Teller View: Notes & Alerts

Real-time communication provides tellers with collection warnings and loan data at all branch centers. This is done with our customized underwriting. It streamlines your work and makes processing cash advance customers quick and easy.