Tellers in Stores: eCash Built-In Functionality 

Get software that runs Line of Credit that is quick and efficient with eCASH.
This is the software that guides the teller through the transaction – it is easy and intuitive.

Line of Credit Teller View: New Customer

Our Line of Credit Loan Module was designed as an alternative revenue source for our small loan customers in regulatory challenged states. It allows our customers to remain both profitable and compliant while providing an important loan product that consumers want and need. eCash provides a flexible range of loan terms, statement generation, and various lender-defined fees and rule sets. The line of credit module is proof of our commitment to our customer's profitability in a challenging time for our industry.

With eCash’s underwriting abilities, you can set maximum credit limits based on customer’s income. Your tellers can automatically generate monthly billing statements.

Line of Credit Teller View: Cash Disbursement

You can see that $200 was disbursed and that method was “cash”. The loan disbursement methods are customizable based on your operation. Also included is the Line of Credit information, credit limit, first due date, fees and payment schedule

Line of Credit Teller View: Detail, History, Action

eCash makes it easy for your tellers to quickly see important aspects: Loan Detail, Transaction History, and various actions they can choose from to automate their next step. Make a Payment, Draw on Credit, Schedule ACH etc.