Tellers in Stores: eCash Built-In Functionality 

Get the Installment Loan software that is quick and efficient with eCASH.
This is the software that guides the teller through the transaction – it is easy and intuitive.

Installment Loan Teller View: Store Level

eCash Installment Loan Module was created as an answer to the financial industries demand for additional loan products. Tellers can schedule installment loans based on borrowers pay frequency; monthly, bi-monthly, single pay, or multi-pay. Automated payment scheduling that’s fully integrated with our payment process such as ACH and card providers, for both loan collections & funding.

Tellers can run reports with one click real time installment loan reporting, work their appointments, make collection calls, perform loan actions, originate new loans, do a customer search and update or access customer records directly from the home screen.

Integrated collections system that ques, coordinates and tracks all collection activity; process payments, create appointment, and make calls. These features will keep your tellers focused on your profits by easily working to collection process right from the home screen. Sections are color-coded and alerts guide tellers through the process

Installment Loans Teller View: History Screen

The History Screen will be a frequent favorite place where tellers can look at loan information for returning customer to see a full view of that customer’s installment loan history and where they will start the next transaction. Teller’s will be able to track the entire installment loan from loan origination to payments.

Installment Loans Teller View: New Loan

Real-time communication provides tellers with collection warning and loan data at all branch centers. This is done with our customized underwriting. It streamlines your work and makes processing installment loan customers quick and easy.