Tellers in Stores: eCash Built-In Functionality 

Get the best check cashing process software that is quick and efficient with eCASH.
This is the software that guides the teller through the transaction

Check Cashing Teller View: Store Level

Cash Checks for your customers with easily and safely. Our system not only tracks customers bad check cashing history but makers as well. Fast transaction time ensures that your customer lines move quickly on high volume days. Set Variable rates for any type check. eCash gives you the ability to set maximum and minimum fees at corporate, branch or maker level. Flexible fee structure includes setup of various check types with fees specific to each type.

eCash’s check cashing functionality automates fraud detection and velocity detection. Our software offers multiple vaults and drawer functionality, 24-hour close outs, inventory tracking, and a threshold for force required fields

Check Cashing Teller View: History Screen

The History screen will be a frequent favorite place where tellers will look at information for returning customers to see a full view of that customer’s history and where they will start the next transaction

Check Cashing Teller View: Notes & Alerts

eCash is terrific at alerting tellers with notes and alerts that are not to be missed on their screens. It streamlines your work and keeps processing customers going smoothly and quickly