eCash Built-In Functionality 

eCash’s interactive At-A-Glance dashboard is a central database which allows real-time access to stores by district, region or corporate users. Users can instantly see company’s cash advances, title loans, installments loans, and Line of Credit Loans. Get instant access to reports with our drill down capabilities. The reporting module allows you to choose which reports are available at any level of your business. This screen is customized based on your company’s operations and organizational structure.  All your critical loan data is organized on one customizable screen. You can customize each loan grid to display the data you want to see.

eCash’s administrative function allows you to limit employee access to physical work location. You can customize users access based on user roles and user’s rights. Corporate users will get access to the entire company’s loan information, regional directors will be able to see their regions loans and a district manager will have access to their districts. This is broken all the way down to the store level where tellers will only have access to their store's loans.

For the accountant in your organization…. eCash financial reports was designed by our on-staff CPA who came to us from a fortune 500 company, having overseen financial operation for over a decade, as well as hands-on experience running the accounting department of a multi-store payday advance chain. This personal knowledge of what is required from a loan management software on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis was invaluable in setting up the financial reporting structure in eCash. We have a built-in financial reports group with summarized data / general ledger reports including drill down options for the details. These reports also include JE models, audit reports, and transaction summaries, all of which can be imported into your current accounting system while accommodating your unique financial policies and procedures.

As an owner or manager, reports are central to controlling and managing your company for success. eCash offers hundreds of reports that can be accessed based on the user’s rights. Other reports in our suite include product reports, employee audits, customer information, marketing, and analytical reporting. Our report suite is constantly growing with customized reports based on your individual specifications.

eCash’s tool suite features Cash Management including ACH, Check depositing, returning, and clearing. Set up Automated Marketing Campaigns defined by your triggers. For example, send automated text messages the day before a customer is coming due or a happy birthday text. Track your ancillary products sales, inventory manager and manage your home screen configuration

We wanted to show you, as an owner / manager, this one tool that our managers love, the Company Message. It is a continuously scrolling message across the top of the screen. This is a great way to get specific messages to tellers. We have clients that change it daily and love it!