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And That's Not All. It's Also Great Business Management Software.

eCash Software Features

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Because of the business experience of our founders, eCASH is the software that not only processes loans, but is a tool to manage your business enterprise from collections to business profitability.


Home Screen Collections on eCash

Home screen Collections is a built-in feature of eCash that schedules all collection calls, and information needed for those calls, for your employees.


From Our Partners

Integrated features and services from our partners add even more pizzazz to your customer offerings. Our Partners think so too. With eCASH, these integrated applications are easy to manage.

"There is no substitute for our business experience in how we built eCash."  -  Scott Putnam, CEO

Demo Invitation From Scott

“I personally invite you to DEMO the software to see for yourself. eCash is proud to be the leader in intuitive, powerful software for this industry for more than a decade."

eCash Software: Mini Video Tour

How about a fun sneak peak of our eCash Software? Here's a quick video that will give you a basic overview. After that, we want to give you a personalized demo session, too!

OFAC Integrated Application

eCash Software has a built-in OFAC application programming interface to the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the United State Department of Treasury. It allows our clients to sync or integrate to the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals listing in an effort to promote national security and keep our customers safe from such prohibited dealings.

OFAC administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on United States Foreign Policy and national security goals that targets persons or entities that serve as a threat to national security.