10 years transparentSoftware: The Beginning Our Company History

eSoftware Solutions was founded by Scott Putnam and Terry Freeze. Friends since middle school, these two entrepreneurs left a successful software sales business and opened, grew and profitably sold a company of small dollar lending companies.

Because of this deep operational experience and focused customer-orientation, they knew that a complete financial management software solution for lending institutions was needed. The company was born in 2006 when they put together a talented team of software developers and financial services professionals to create the eCash software.

Over the next decade, eCash Software disrupted the market by offering users a superior software that is easily customized to meet changing business needs.

Simply put, eCash is the best software on the market for small lending institutions. Based on this success, Putnam and Freeze continued to grow high-end programming talent in-house to continuously incorporate enhancements learned from the marketplace.


Company Growth: Compliance Software

With the onset of stricter oversight by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and other regulatory bodies for companies of all sizes nationwide, providing customers software to easily manage compliance was next.

The eCompliant software suite was created to house policies, training, documents, cases, audits and more with easy-to-manage alerts and functions. It was developed as a comprehensive repository for everything needed to keep a company compliant.

With CFPB audit activities and rule-making, the company designed eCompliant as the perfect companion program for eCash. Even more, it is an off-the-shelf software for small and mid-sized businesses. Compliance is an everyday job these days in business and eCompliant came along at the right time to handle these issues.


Company Growth: Licensing Software

The government market is in the midst of replacing antiquated legacy systems used over the past 20 years or more. In response to this, the web-based eLicense software was created.

eLicense was created in 2012 as a customizable tool for state licensing boards. It was designed with a state licensing board to insure that we created all the functionality that a licensing board would need along with the nuances and complexities. This comprehensive workflow management software was designed to handle all professional disciplines.

eSoftware Solutions knows that licensing is a serious business. The licensing function from application to renewal along with the many functions of testing, compliance, complaints, audits and more were all designed into this comprehensive software package Public-facing portals were developed as a critical element that provides these professional agencies what they needed for reach and response capabilities.

Making Better Software for Business and Government

eSoftware Solutions has unique expertise in programming and developing online applications combined with seasoned business experience. We make it right, right from the start, with a deep understanding of your workflow and business goals.

We also welcome and encourage improvements and refinements of the software that come from our clients. Continuously improving the software and then getting those improvements to all customers makes for a superior application for all users. With this approach – making it better for all – eSoftware Solutions is outpacing the competition and keeping happy clients.

The eSoftware Solutions leadership works each day to help you succeed with the best operational software. From the top and through to each employee, we are committed to your business success.