YOUR BUSINESS IS CHANGING. We are here to help you through these uncertain times.

The CFPB is changing your business.

As a small dollar lender, you are looking for a comprehensive software to help run your business profitably and well.
eCash does this in an easy-to-use, automated web-based software for you.

And, because the CFPB is auditing and ruling on payday and other related industries, eCash has a companion module to support you: eCompliant.


eCash is a simple and user-friendly interface at the multi-location branch level that also has robust functionality at the corporate level for management ease.

eCompliant has intuitive screens, as well, that alert and guide you through areas in which you need to be prepared.

Together, eCash and eCompliant can dramatically increase your bottom line and decrease your regulatory pain by helping you to get ready for the changes to come.

Counting Money-resized-jpegeCash is Built for Small Dollar Lenders 

You have a lot of responsibility running your business, your store – whether in one or 300 locations. As a small lender you want to focus on the day-to-day concerns without having to worry about IT and your software. Go ahead. Take care of your customers with the best software for your business, eCash.


eCash is custom for you and able to be customized by you as your needs change. And, these days, there is a lot of change. We offer you a comprehensive software with easy to navigate screens, hard-working modules and affordable benefits. Our goal is to keep you in business profitably. Let’s talk.

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eCash is an established software provider in the small lending sector.

eCash is an integral part of the eSoftware Solutions family of quality web-based business software solutions. As with all of our business clients, we are proud to have developed a superior software that is respected in the marketplace. With a company of developers that are led by experienced business professionals, our software products are replacing old technologies and using .NET technology.

Real-time, online and intuitive for users, eSoftware Solutions is changing business.


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           “Better software makes everything better.”

                                                                                  – Scott Putnam, CEO


Please feel free to contact us with any question or idea you may have or if you just want to talk about your company and specific challenges of your business. We are here to help you.


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  • “The best part about being an eCash client is that they make our job easier! Whenever questions or issues arise, we are always confident in their technical and professional expertise. I appreciate the detailed attention we receive. eSoftware Solutions continues to amaze us with their commitment to producing creative and innovative new features for our eCash system.”


    Columbus, Ohio

  • “I would recommend eCash software for any business in our industry. It is affordable and most importantly reliable. It is exactly what we needed. Thanks, eSoftware Solutions, for providing us a superior software with eCash.”


    Texarkana, Texas

  • “The purpose of a software system is to make employees’ jobs easier and the owners and managers feel more secure. eCash accomplishes both with flying colors. eCash provides detailed and customizable fields to track user activity in real-time at one or multiple locations. This has increased our company-wide productivity. Plus, reports are available at your fingertips to make... Read more »


    McComb, Mississippi

  • “eCash does exactly what we need and more. And, the customer support is always there for us to answer our questions or take care of issues that come up with our company. eCash is the greatest ever!”


    Alexandria, Louisiana


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